Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Polly's 21st Birthday!

Instead of doing the usual "go to a party dressed like a zombie" thing on Halloween, I attended the most glittering, fabulous and fun 21st party imaginable. It was for my best friend Jess's baby sister Polly who is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. All the women and girls wore the most gorgeous full-length dresses and the men and boys were very smartly dressed in tuxedos. There was a fantasy twist to the party so some had props to go with their outfits. There were two Dr. Who's, a fairy princess, a unicorn, Poison Ivy, vampires and people with elfin/glowing ears! I went as the Goddess of War and had a bow and arrow which was great fun. The party was held in a restaurant that Polly's parents had hired out for the night. When we went in there was a huge cocktail bowl complete with dry ice which was pouring out of the top of it. The restaurant was candle lit and each table had a theme! There was a Cinderella table, a Wizard of Oz table, an Alice in Wonderland table, a Harry Potter table, an Atlantis table, a Never Never Land table and many more I can't remember! Polly's cake was in the shape of a fairytale castle and had the most amazing sculpted dragon on it. We had a very yummy dinner and then listened to the nicest speeches from Polly's dad, Jess and Polly. Jess presented Polly with a book with messages in from all of her friends. The restaurant then turned into a dance floor. There was another room with a piano in it and guests from the party began to play (very well I might add) while everyone gathered round it and sang. We returned to Polly's and crawled into bed at about 3am. All the coaches turned back into pumpkins and all the footmen back into mice but even though it had come to an end we will never forget the magic and splendor of that wonderfully unique evening.

(Photo 1: Me and one of my other best friends Johanna; Photo 2: Jess in black with Polly in white; Photo 3: Me with my bow and arrow!)

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