Sunday, 16 May 2010

Important News!

Hi everyone.
Firstly my sincere apologies for not getting the giveaway sorted. Thing have been a bit manic lately. To cut a long story short I discovered another jeweller trading under the same name as me. I looked into it and she had been trading longer so I decided I should change my company name. The new name - Penny Masquerade - has been accepted, but I have had to open a new shop, create a new twitter account and move my blog.
So competitions and giveaways will now be held at my new blog: and jewellery will be available from my new shop The new shop will open on Wednesday 19th May (in 3 days time!) and to celebrate the launch a giveaway will go live on the new blog then. I may even have two prizes to make up for the lack of giveaway here this month. My new twitter page is and you can view some of the designs that will be available on the new shop at
I think that explains everything. Hope you all like the new designs and the new shop! Thank you so much for your support here and I look forward to seeing you - albeit virtually - on the Penny Masquerade blog.
Sarah x