Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hello Sailor

Well this week a load of new jewellery will be going up on my etsy shop. I have been busily slaving away trying to get as much as possible done. I've also been experimenting with new photography techniques and backgrounds and I'm really pleased with what I've managed to achieve. I had to show you this new anchor necklace because I love it, so much so that I may have to make one for myself to wear. If you love it too, you can buy it here:

I got a full size mannequin through today, which I am super excited about because it means I finally have something to photograph my longer necklaces on. I've named her Dolly. I'm slightly worried she may come alive at night and try to kill me. Wow. I've been watching far too much Psychoville.

Ta Ta For Now xx

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