Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Most Exciting Thing Ever

So our wonderful chicken Muriel had eight little baby chics yesterday! Very exciting! Pictures to follow shortly. But that isn't the most exciting news! Four didn't hatch so we brought them inside and left them on the windowsill while we sorted the others out. I completely forgot about disposing them, but I am so so glad I didn't because about an hour ago I heard a noise coming from one of the eggs! One of the chicks is still alive! YAAAAY! I tried to put the eggs back under the chicken but she rejected them and is just focused on looking after the chicks she has. So, I now have the chirping egg (along with the other three just in case there's something in them) in a cardboard box with sawdust in it and a light positioned over it to try and keep them warm. Fingers crossed for the next 24 hours! I'll keep you posted on any developments! If anyone has any chicken hatching related advice please tell me! This is the first time I've ever had to do this! xx

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