Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day!

Wow! It's been so long since I saw snow this heavy! It was so deep and everything looked so beautiful that I had to abort my jewellery-making today in order to jump up and down like an excited child. I also had to rescue my parents' chickens - we nearly couldn't see the coop this morning! Poor things. You will be pleased to know that Henry, Muriel and Matilda (our feathered friends) now have a snow-free home and that their pen has been protected against further blizzards. Although, weirdly, they really enjoyed paddling about in it when we let them out this morning. We even opened the garage - a favourite place of theirs - so they had a snow-free area to play in, but they only went in for about a minute. I guess even chickens are children at heart. 


  1. Your poor chickens! Love the pictures though!

  2. Found you through Little Brown Wren and your blog is adorable. I also think I have ♥ed you on etsy and if I haven't I will. Your things are lovely. Your little chickens are sooo cute,you can even see the adventure in their eyes in the second pic! Thanks for sharing!

  3. OHH! THose poor Chickens! So cute..